What's the iLashQueen Story? aka how Natasha got into lashes... May 04 2015


Hey Friends!

A lot of people, especially those who knew me from my old career as a social worker ask "HOW DID YOU EVER GET INTO LASHES?"

Here's my story...

When I learned eyelash extensions it was sorta on a whim. I had gone about a month earlier to have my own lashes done for the first time and I thought it was SO COOL.

Around the same time I was looking to get out of corporate America, and I found a lady who was teaching semi-permanent lashes from her home...So I signed up! It was summer 2013.

About a month after I had taken the class, a good friend called me and said her cousin, who was desperate for a new career option, wanted to learn lashes too. So I typed up my few handwritten notes from my own class, and put together the first iLashQueen instruction manual. There was no logo, no real organization. Just me trying to teach her everything I knew from my own living room!

Fast forward two short years later, and iLashQueen had transitioned into a premiere educational and beauty company. Classes are now taught internationally! The product line is better than ever! And most importantly, that same student who I humbly taught from MY living room, (@luxurylashes), now commands $185.00 a full set working as a full time lash artist in her private studio and herself teaches!


    AND THIS IS WHERE iLashQueen steps in! Providing affordable education options for women with families who need to earn more money NOW!