Introduction to Lash Extensions!!! May 27 2015




"Oh my gosh, are those YOUR lashes?!!"

 Check out the video below to see a full set of lashes applied by me! Here I used a C curl/.25mm.

Marylin requested a super dramatic look! :)


The cosmetic industry is an international, multi-billion dollar industry. Eyelash extensions and makeup command a large share of the cosmetic industry, and eyelash extensions are one of the fastest growing segments.





The demand for longer, thicker eyelashes transcends age, class, or race/ethnicity, and is further bolstered by our society’s increasing emphasis on looks, particularly in the age of social media, camera phones, etc. The explosion of virgin hair extensions in the past five years alone is a testament to the growth potentiality of any new, in-demand beauty product.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions using synthetic fibers represent the crème of the crop of eyelash extensions.  In terms of a woman’s person care, eyelash extensions are comparable to acrylic nail extensions or hair extensions. The cost for this specific type of high-end eyelash extension typically costs between $100-$200 in a salon or spa setting. While there are cheaper options such as “strips,” and “clusters,” these types of $15-$40/per application eyelash extensions often irritate the wearer’s eye, and generally look extremely unnatural.

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