I Wanna Sell Lashes

$ 125.00

Start your Own Lash Brand!

In New eBook, iLashQueen Director of Education Natasha Currency discusses the pros and cons of starting a lash-related product line business, and gives advice as well as active contacts to 10 current vendors. The premise of the book is that service-model businesses are outdated, and offer little resources for building wealth. The book is very practicial, and draws from Natasha's own experiences struggling to launch a lash brand with limited resources as a newer, solo lashpreneuer! 



New ebook includes:

  • Vendors for lash supplies including lash trays, lash strips, adhesives, magnetic lashes, volume fans, etc.
  • Tips for getting free samples.
  • 10 Vendors Included!
  • Information on communicating with vendors!
  • Information on how to price your products!
  • Considerations around which products you should sell.

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